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In the Summer House

Jane Bowles

While the title of Ivan Turgenev’s famous novel is Fathers and Sons, then according to director Priit Pedajas, this new play could be introduced as Mothers and Daughters.

There are three mother-daughter pairs in the play. Middle-aged mothers try to live their lives through their daughters. Their daughters are nearing the end of their teenage years and both crave and fear freedom and independence. Conflicting feelings – the need to feel like one belongs and the need for independence, love and jealousy, adoration and hate, demanding faithfulness and betraying faith – are so intertwined that it is difficult for both sides to be independent. When this play was first staged, one critic doubted whether there was any point in talking about one aspect of the life of a handful of unstable people – forgetting that this “one aspect” is very important in the life of half the people in the world!

Motherhood encompasses boundless tenderness and love as well as cruelty – Bowles does not hesitate to show that side as well. Bowles (1917–1973) is a one-work author as a playwright. In the Summer House is her only play. The subject matter for the entire scant body of her creative work was relationships between women: submission and domination, conflicting feelings that connect women to each other or force them to flee from one another, and the social, psychological and physical aspects of their relationships.

Premiere on 23 February 2014 in the large theatre hall.

Director Priit Pedajas
Translated by Kalle Hein

Cast Ülle Kaljuste, Jaan Rekkor, Maria Klenskaja, Laine Mägi, Taavi Teplenkov, Kersti Heinloo, Hilje Murel, Viire Valdma, Ester Pajusoo, Mari Lill.

Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage