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Anton Tšehhov

The premiere of Anton Chekhov’s (1860–1904) Ivanov took place in Moscow in 1887. The 27-year-old Chekhov worked as a doctor and at the same time wrote actively. He was already a recognised novelist when he wrote his first full-length play Ivanov. His previous writings had hitherto been published under the pseudonym Chekhonte, but the name Chekhov stood in the place for the author’s name on the posters advertising Ivanov.

The themes, style and view of life that characterise Chekhov’s subsequent masterpieces already emerge in Ivanov. In his thirties, Nikolai Ivanov is at an impasse: “My thoughts are confused, some kind of listlessness keeps my soul in fetters, and I haven’t the strength to understand myself.  I don’t understand people or myself…”. What is happening to him?

In Chekhov’s opinion, the person of Ivanov symbolised the social degeneration of his homeland.

Ivanov stands apart in Estonia’s national Chekhov tradition. It has been staged considerably less compared to Three Sisters, The Cherry Orchard, The Seagull and Uncle Vanya. Ivanov was last staged in Estonia at the Russian Theatre in 2004 with Eduard Toman in the title role and directed by Nikolai Krutikov from Moscow. At the Estonian Drama Theatre, Maria Knebel staged Ivanov in 1971 with Ants Eskola in the title role, and Elmo Nüganen staged it in 1992 with Jüri Krjukov in the title role.

“Chekhov, his characters and specific episodes can admittedly be interpreted in various ways and in different genres, but one model should perhaps still apply: the eternal takes everyday form in Chekhov. The eternal as a category, as permanence in the ordering of the affairs of life in the world, and the wisdom that has acknowledged this flows into recognisable everyday life.” Reet Neimar, “Tšehhov. Elu ebatäiuslikkus mikroskoobi all” [Chekhov. The Imperfection of Life under the Microscope] (Teater. Muusika. Kino, no. 8/9 1995).

Premiere: 27 October 2017 on the Big Stage.

Director: Uku Uusberg
Art Director: Lilja Blumenfeld (guest appearance)
Translated by Ernst Raudsepp

Cast: Indrek Sammul, Maria Peterson (Theatrum), Aivar Tommingas (Vanemuine Theatre), Guido Kangur, Ülle Kaljuste, Liisa Saaremäel, Kristo Viiding, Harriet Toompere, Raimo Pass, Mait Malmsten, Ita Ever, Lauri Kaldoja (guest appearance), Pääru Oja, Indrek Kruusimaa (guest appearance), Priit Põldma (guest appearance), Christopher Rajaveer, Jüri Tiidus, Markus Luik, Norman Verte.

Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage
09.02.202019:00Big stage
27.02.202019:00Big stage
06.03.202019:00Big stage