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The Map and the Territory

Michel Houellebecq

Juhan Ulfsak’s production of “The Map and the Territory” is based on Michel Houellebecq’s novel by the same name but also incorporates the claims, feelings and tone of Houellebecq’s other novels, interviews and statements. The central character is Jed, who is in the middle of a wildly successful career as an artist. Jed is surrounded by people who can be considered to be part of the “art world”. They run galleries and make art and the lovely Olga is one of them. They talk about art, beauty and the world. Together, they face middle age and growing old. Jed’s rhythm is broken only by the moments he spends with his retired father when they watch sports together. Everyone lives a calm but joyless life. And then, there’s a murder.

“The Map and the Territory” takes place in France, in the birthplace of democratic and humanist Europe. The chansons and endless cafe discussions, the tasty wine, the Tour de France and nuanced eroticism – all of it hides not the future, but the past of our world. Everything is long since already done.

Michel Houellebecq is one of the most painful authors of our day. His scalpel cuts through the world and self-image of the white, middle-aged European. Houellebecq is tirelessly engaged in “man” as a theme. Some have called him the biggest hooligan of modern literature, a cynic and a pessimist. But others say that Houellebecq may be the biggest humanist of our time, someone who has something very important to say. Houellebecq, himself, finishes his novel with the words: “As the last members of this species are extinguished, we think it just to render this last tribute to humanity, a homage which itself will one day disappear, buried beneath the sands of time. It is necessary that this tribute be made, if only once.”

The novel “The Map and the Territory” won the highest French literary honour, the Prix Goncourt.

Actor and director Juhan Ulfsak is one of catalysts of Von Krahl Theatre. During the last few years, he has worked as an actor and director in other theatres in Estonia, Finland, Germany and elsewhere. His last play, “The Case of the Lost Friend” premiered at Theatre NO99.

Premiere on November 29, 2015 in the large theatre hall. 

Director Juhan Ulfsak (Von Krahl Theatre)
Art Director Liisi Eelmaa
Musical Designer Hendrik Kaljujärv
Photographer Paul Kuimet
Video Artist Emer Värk (Von Krahl Theatre)
Costume Designer Jaanus Vahtra
Playwright Eero Epner (Theatre NO99)

Cast Hendrik Toompere jr, Lembit Ulfsak, Pääru Oja, Jaan Rekkor, Ülle Kaljuste, Piret Krumm, Indrek Sammul.

Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage