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Three Sisters

Anton Tšehhov

A lot of us are on our way towards something – be it happiness, money or home. Three sisters have long been wanting to get on the road – the road to home, to Moscow, where a much safer, better and more desirable life could wait ahead. But here relationships have formed over the years that have kept them in place and it is really difficult to give up love voluntarily and to burn down bridges that connect you with the present. And does this dream Moscow, where the soul so desires to go, even exist?

Lavastaja Hendrik Toompere jr
Kunstnik Ervin Õunapuu (külalisena)
Muusikaline kujundaja Liisa Hirsch 
Tõlkinud Otto Samma

Osades Mait Malmsten, Mari-Liis Lill või Liis Haab (külalisena), Kersti Heinloo, Merle Palmiste, Marta Laan, Taavi Teplenkov, Jan Uuspõld, Hendrik Toompere jr jr, Rein Oja, Raimo Pass, Jüri Tiidus, Mihkel Kabel (külalisena), Tõnu Aav või Lembit Ulfsak, Ester Pajusoo.

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