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The Double Bass

Patrick Süskind

‘Every musician will gladly assure you that an orchestra can always do without a conductor, but not without a double bass,’ the Man with the double bass declares in high spirits.

For the double bassist, his instrument is much more than just an instrument – the double bass is like a close cohabitant, towards which fondness and aversion are felt. At one moment, feelings are elated: ‘What I want to arrive at is the assertion that the double bass is definitely the most important instrument ever. It admittedly doesn’t look like it. But it forms the carcass of the entire orchestra that the rest of the orchestra can rely on.’ But irritation and boredom can be at the other end of the scale of feelings instead: ‘Incidentally, I don’t know a single colleague who would have voluntarily started playing the double bass. And that is somehow understandable. That instrument is not particularly handy. The double bass is more, how should I put it, an obstructing object than an instrument.’

The Double Bass is written as a confession. The speaker turns to the listener – is that us, the people sitting in the audience, or is it his own reflection instead? Is the audience listening in on the man’s internal dialogue? According to Guido Kangur, this play is not at all a monologue in his opinion, rather it is a dialogue with music – over the many years that this play has lain on the corner of the table and waited its turn, he knew that he wanted to perform it together with live music. This humanly and theatrically rich text reached the Estonian theatre stage in 1989, when it premiered at the Vanalinnastuudio (Old Town Studio) Theatre, directed by Eino Baskin, and Aarne Üksküla played the Man with the double bass.

Premiere: 25 January 2019 on the Small Stage.

Director: Rein Oja
Art Director: Jaanus Vahtra (guest)
Music Designer: Mingo Rajandi (guest)
Translated by Helgi Loik

Cast: Guido Kangur and Mingo Rajandi

Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage
25.01.202019:00viimaseid kordiSmall stage
14.02.202019:00viimaseid kordiSmall stage
21.02.202019:00viimast kordaSmall stage
18.03.202019:00Külalisetendus RaplasRapla Kultuurikeskus