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The Chalk Garden

Enid Bagnold

Is everything always as it seems? Of course not! So it is in this house as well, the mistress of which is a filthy rich, infinitely extravagant old lady, in whose residence everything – from toothpicks to floor coverings – is of pure gold. She tries to create an impression in every possible way imaginable – from the last word in technology to exceptional methods for raising her granddaughter.

The events of the story start to unfold from the moment when a live-in private tutor, a woman with a strange life story and an extremely keen gaze, is hired for the grandchild. She proves to be the x-ray that sees through the actual flaws, and the twists and turns of the mistress of the house. The private tutor is the one who helps to reveal the simple truth that everything is not always like it seems to be!

Premiere: 9 February 2018 on the Big Stage.

Director: Roman Baskin (guest)
Art Directors: Ivi Piho and Juss Piho (guest)

Cast: Ita Ever, Ülle Kaljuste, Mait Malmsten, Viire Valdma, Ester Kuntu (guest), Maria Klenskaja, Mari Lill, Merle Palmiste or Harriet Toompere, Tõnu Kark.

Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage