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Marquis d´Artiste

Rodolf Sirera

Important, meaningful invitations don’t come often, but every one of us has received at least a few of them in our lifetime. Be it an invitation to a jubilee or a christening, or an invitation to a royal wedding for some lucky people. But what if a mysterious marquis personally sends the invitation? What will happen then? Only a few chosen ones can witness that… This is precisely why Marquis d'Artiste is a story for true bon viveurs who are not afraid to experience the more poignant side of life.

Rodolf Sirera (1948) is one of the most important Catalan playwrights. His play elegantly polemizes the famous work of a French philosopher Denis Diderot (1713-1784) – The Paradox of Acting. Should a good actor simply communicate feelings in a believable manner or should they also really feel them?

Lavastaja Hendrik Toompere jr jr
Kunstnik Marta Laan
Tõlkinud Maria Kall

Osades Jan Uuspõld ja Hendrik Toompere jr.

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