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Forest forte / Metsa forte

Mehis Pihla

A collaborative summer play of the Estonian Drama Theatre and the Nargenfestival.

The play Forest Forte is the story of a family. The family gathers at the grandparents’ house for Independence Day, and suddenly it turns out that the young ones want to clear… no, do some forest management. A huge conflict ensues, during which they try to find out what exactly is actually going on with the Estonian forests. Not to mention all the family members having their own opinions on the matter, all the parties to the debate on forests start to talk along: ecologists, nature protectionists, forestry researchers, officials from the ministry of the environment, etc. The question is – how do you find the right way through this maze of opinions?

“The surface area of Estonian forests is constantly growing.”
“Of course it is, if you count all the clear cut forests as forest land too. Stumps are not forest.”
“Stumps and clear cut areas are totally normal forests.”

While in music mezzo forte means semi-loud, then “Forest forte” / “Metsa forte” is very loud and passionate, even operatic in tone, and it’s used to talk about the future of the Estonian forests. The play is accompanied by a string orchestra, conducted by Tõnu Kaljuste. The music includes well-known pieces sung by opera stars, as well as new work by Estonian composers.

Premiere 25 May 2018, in the Big stage.

Director Hendrik Toompere jr
Musical director and composer Tõnu Kaljuste
Music and arrangements Tõnu Kõrvits and Tõnis Kõrvits
Artist Kristjan Suits
Assistant Kairi Kruus

Cast Helgi Sallo, Voldemar Kuslap, Mati Palm or Hans Miilberg, Liisa Saaremäel, Jüri Tiidus, Uku Uusberg, Kersti Heinloo, Markus Luik, Hendrik Toompere jr, Mehis Pihla, Nargenfestival choir and orchestra.

Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage