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Misanthrope is the springtime (2015) examination work of the third year course of the 27th class of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre School of Theatre Arts that will be graduating in the summer of 2016. Rein Oja saw this production and suggested that it should be added to the Drama Theatre repertoire.

Misanthrope is my favourite of Molière’s plays. The main theme of the play – how to speak the truth and not get stuck on the flypaper of hypocrisy while remaining honest with oneself in life amongst the human community that surrounds us – is one of the most important questions regardless of the era in which we live. It is as important as the ability to recognise love.

The previous times when I have worked with this play at the theatre school, I have been influenced by the play’s definition as a comedy. This time I chose a Chekhovian approach that did not rule humour out but opened our eyes to reading the text with a new gaze.
Anu Lamp

Premiere: 22 February 2016 in the Small stage.

Director Anu Lamp 

Cast: Students from the 27th class of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre School of Theatre Arts Jürgen Gansen, Markus Habakukk, Laura Kalle, Karl Koppelmaa, Ester Kuntu, Karl Laumets, Karmo Nigula, Saara Nüganen, Lauli Otsar, Mehis Pihla, Ott-Henrik Raidmets, Christopher Rajaveer, Liisa Saaremäel, Risto Vaidla.

Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage