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The Quare Land

John McManus

“When you live alone in a faraway village backwater and your only companions for years are your cows and dogs, then you turn a little bit weird…Colourful is the word used to describe such people”, said the actor Peter Maloney, who played the part of 91-year-old Hugh in the New York stage production of The Quare Land. Yes, a lack of colourfulness is the last thing that Hugh could complain about. One day a young real estate businessman unexpectedly walks into the bathroom of that gnarled old Irish man. How so, unannounced? What else could the businessman do, after all he had tried to make contact for several months by mail! “I don’t open letters, it’s cheaper to live that way,” declares Hugh as he points at a heap of unopened letters. So there! So then that letter bringing altogether contrary news, and why the younger man set out for the backwaters in the first place, is also in that same heap…Indeed, colourful is an understatement in describing this tandem. The action of The Quare Land takes place in today’s modern Ireland. But the pleasure of conversation in a pub by the light of a peat-burning stove, and the air of the tough Irish spirit can still be felt in this tale – this is a genuine Irish play with an enjoyable story and spirited dialogue.

Premiere: 16 November 2018 on the Small Stage.

Director: Priit Pedajas
Art Director: Pille Jänes

Translated by Krista Kaer

Cast: Jaan Rekkor and Tiit Sukk

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02.02.202019:00Small stage
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13.02.202019:00Small stage
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