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Oh god

Anat Gov

This is a play full of intelligent humour. A psychologist named Angel is at the centre of the play. One day a patient who asks to be called ‘Jot’ comes to an appointment with Angel. Before long it turns out that the patient is God himself. God is deeply depressed and only Angel can help him. How can God be convinced not to destroy everything that he has ever created? How can you help and comfort someone whom you would really only want to reprimand?

The author of Oh God is the Israeli playwright Anat Gov. Margus Alver has translated the play from Hebrew.

Premiere: 29 February 2020 on the Small Stage.

Director: Mehis Pihla
Art director: Kristjan Suits (Tallinn City Theatre)
Translated by Margus Alver


Cast: Ain Lutsepp and Harriet Toompere

Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage
29.02.202019:00esietendusSmall stage
04.03.202019:00Small stage
05.03.202019:00Small stage
12.03.202019:00Small stage
22.03.202019:00Small stage
29.03.202019:00Small stage
16.04.202019:00Small stage
17.04.202019:00Small stage
19.04.202019:00Small stage
22.04.202019:00Small stage
24.04.202019:00Small stage
29.04.202019:00Small stage