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Ashes and Aquavit

Bengt Ahlfors

The protagonist of the comedy, Vera Malmgren, played by Ita Ever, is a widow of a colonel. The elderly lady lives alone in a big respectable apartment in the centre of Helsinki after the death of her husband. She has brought home an urn with colonel’s ashes. Why should the ashes rot in the grave? The colonel did not like to go to the nature, so the urn might as well stand nobly in the apartment where Vera can talk to it. Vera has found the colonel’s diary and by reading it and commentating on it, it is as if she can talk to the colonel again. A man like that kept a diary! And oh what relationships and thoughts has he had! Vera’s offspring come up with a plan to sell the fancy apartment, but in order to do that they need to prove that the old lady cannot take care of herself. And so all hell breaks loose, full of double games and mix-ups and big and small deceptions. One pair of mysterious initials finds an owner (always search for the traitor from among those who are closest to you!). Vera’s guest also becomes part of the mess – a gentleman, who upon hearing of the colonel’s death realized that…

Bengt Ahlfors, a Finnish-Swedish writer, former chief director of the Svenska Teatern, a director and a playwright, has written over 30 plays as well as countless lyrics and melodies. His comedies Are There Tigers in Congo?, The Last Cigar, My Dear Elevator and Theatre Comedy have also been staged in Estonia.

Directed by Priit Pedajas
Design by Riina Degtjarenko
Translated by Ülev Aaloe
Cast: Kersti Kreismann, Ita Ever, Laine Mägi, Tiit Sukk, Hilje Murel, Tõnu Kark, Jüri Tiidus.

Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage
05.02.202019:00Big stage
21.03.202019:00Big stage
24.03.202019:00Big stage
04.04.202019:00Big stage
29.04.202019:00Big stage