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Do Not Disturb

Florian Zeller

Michel, a passionate jazz fan, finds a rare old record at a flea market and happily hurries home so that he can listen to it right away on his own in peace. But the whole world seems to be against him! Both his wife and lover decide to come out with an embarrassing confession. Out of the blue, his rebellious son appears. A friend drops by unannounced. His mother keeps phoning and phoning and phoning. Of course, today also happens to be Neighbours’ Day, and his neighbour from the floor below wants to celebrate it. And then there are his loudmouth cleaning lady and a bumbling plumber…Is it at all possible nowadays to be completely undisturbed for even just one hour? Michel turns evasive and tells lies to gain just one hour of peace and quiet for himself so that he can listen to his coveted record. But all his energy is spent on the effort to keep a sunny morning from turning into a nightmare. The novelist and playwright Florian Zeller (born in Paris in 1978) has used all the traditional components in order to cook up a nice French farce.

Premiere: 26 October 2018 on the Big Stage.

Director: Robert Annus
Art Director: Eugen Tamberg
Music Composer and sound design: Ardo Ran Varres
Translated by Indrek Koff

Cast: Taavi Teplenkov, Hilje Murel, Merle Palmiste, Indrek Sammul, Karmo Nigula, Raimo Pass, Martin Veinmann

Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage
25.02.202019:00Big stage
01.03.202019:00Big stage
22.03.202019:00Big stage
05.04.202019:00Big stage
22.04.202019:00Big stage